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Male Strippers and Dancers for Bachelorette Party

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and before you decide to settle with someone who will have to be involved in all your decisions, you should at least have some fun for the last night of being a single woman. Fun can mean lots of things to different women; for some, it could be a girls’ night out, to others it could be taking a trip to the favorite destination. If for your friend it implies going all out and drooling over other men without having to answer for it, then male strippers and dancers for bachelorette party is the sure thing for her.

However, you cannot pick just any male stripper for her party. What you should consider is:

Company from which you are hiring

• Is it reputable?
Do not browse the internet and have strippers and dancers from the first company you find on the web. Look for a company that is reputable; one whose track record speaks for itself to ensure that you do not get disappointed by their services. One of the services that make a company distinguished is the choice of strippers they have. A good company should provide you with up to five different dancers you can choose from to increase your chances of getting one. For better chances, you can plan your party on a Thursday since then the dancer you want is likely to be available.

• Are the strippers real?
You can easily be excited about the pictures of men you see upon visiting a website that you find yourself requesting for one. However, do not be deceived by the images; some companies take random pictures of good-looking men with beautiful bodies just for show while in the real sense, they may not even work for that particular company. Other firms may have good strippers and dancers but they tap out at three in their employee list, and the rest of the pictures are there to entice the clients. To avoid falling prey to such false advertising, look for a company that identifies its strippers by name so you can request from them, specifically.

• Availability of strippers?
Regardless of how much of a hurry you want your party to be over and done with, be careful of what the company is offering. Usually, if all the strippers you select are available, that should not be a god sign. A good company should have a high demand for their services. Therefore, some strippers should be unavailable and may require rescheduling, or you may have to choose others who are available.

Kind of male strippers

When planning a bachelorette party for your friend, you know her taste, and you should go out of your way to get her preferences. Some women find black men very sexy while others would rather have Latin strippers doing their thing for them. Also, if your friend likes men in uniform, you can have the strippers dress in police uniform. Alternatively, if they prefer strong-looking men, then you may have the dancers dress in construction clothes. Whatever male stripper you choose, make sure that your friend will appreciate them.

The ultimate guide to hiring a bachelorette male stripper and dancer

Hiring a stripper does not have to be a hassle for you; with this how-to guide, you will know the steps you should take to get your friend to enjoy their last day of single life.

2. You will have to choose between a strip club and private entertainment if the bride wants stripper for her party. Both have their pros and downsides, but in the end, it all depends on what the bride will prefer. For instance, if the people you are hosting are a small group and do not like being in a crowd, then the private entertainment route is the one you should take. However, if you have a large group who will prefer to have other people watching, then a strip club is the definite way you should go. Other factors such as affordability and availability of strip clubs will play a part in the decision you reach. If you want to stick to a set budget, a private dancer will cost you more, but you will already know the exact amount of money you spend. With a strip club, the amount charged may be low but the drinks you order in your excitement may go beyond the budget you had planned.

3. If you have decided to go for a private dancer, then you will have to find them. The internet has many options, and you will likely have one that suits your preferences. Alternatively, if you live where there are male escort services, you can ask them if they also offer dancers since some do. If not, you should extend your search to nearby cities and foot their expenses since they will be coming to you.

4. Get to know the details of the contract you are entering concerning the pay, specific performance, payment methods and any other information. The most preferred method of payment is the credit card and check to see that it has a consumer protection policy; you can never be too safe.

5. Planning will increase the chances of success of your party. Communication helps to sort out most issues; therefore, you should ensure you always have a phone with you to get feedback from your strippers such as if they are running late, they need directions to your place especially if it is private entertainment and such other issues.


A bachelorette party should be a memorable experience for the bride; one that will make her know that she lived her life as a single woman in full and is now ready to commit to another stage through marriage. With these tips, planning a party for your friend will be an easy process.

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